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The Hotel Miramalfi, Amalfi is ideally placed to take advantage of all that the Campania area and the Amalfi coast in particular have to offer. Famous as one of the most beautiful coast lines in the world the Amalfi coast, Sorrentine peninsula and Island of Capri are just a few of the places to visit in this beautiful area. Take a look below at some of the excursion venues that await you:


Pompeii lies only around 5 miles away from Mount Vesuvius, the famous volcano that in the year AD 79 errupted partially burying and destroying Pompei with ash and volcanic pumice. This emersion in ash and rock preserved all manner of objects including petrified human people. The interesting and thought provoking reality of Pompei has been attracting touris attention for around 250 years since the Grand Tour with tourism being the driving force of its economy now. Excavation is still ongoing as more and more artifacts and structures are uncovered and it's a fascinating place to visit.

Royal Palace of Caserta

The Royal Palace of Caserta is a former royal residence constructed from 1752 for the Bourbon kings of Naples. Designed by Luigi Vanvitelli, it was known as the Versailles of Italy due to it's grand nature and resemblance to the French royal palace. Like its French predecessor, the palace was intended to display the power and grandeur of an absolute Bourbon monarchy. The throne room is truely breathtaking as is the Grand Staircase and beautiful gardens. A great place to visit.

Island of Capri

Capri has been a popular resort visited by tourists since the times of the Roman Republic and indeed there are many ruins of the Imperial Roman villas there, and it's not hard to see why. Capri is a stunning island just off the Sorrentine peninsula famous for it's tourquoise water and a popular retreat for day visitors who make use of the ferry or hydrofoil that serves the island from Naples, Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi. Popular features of Capri include the Marina Piccola (small marina), Marina Grande (large marina), the Blue Grotto, the town of Anacapri and of course the ruins of the Roman Villas to name but a few. This is a beautiful destination and well worth a day trip excursion from the hotel.


Naples is the capital of the Campania region and the third largest city in Italy with almost 1 million inhabitants within the city and around 3.5 million within it's wider urban area. Listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, the city is one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world with early settlements present as early as the 9th Century BC. Over the course of its long history, Naples has been the capital of duchies, kingdoms, and one Empire, and has consistently been a major cultural centre with a global sphere of influence, particularly during the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. It's artistic and architectural treasures are immense and the city is viewed by many Italians to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Mount Vesuvius

Located around 5-6 miles east of Naples, Mount Vesuvius is one of the most famous and studied volcanoes in the world and is the only active volcano to have errupted in the past 100 years in central Europe. It's best known erruption however is the one in AD 79 that destroyed Pompei. The area around Vesuvius was officially dedicated a national park in June 1995 and the summit of Vesuvius is open to the public in addition to the network of small paths that surround the volcano.


The town of Positano is as enchanting as it is unique with its multi-coloured housing that seem to lean against the cliff faces that support them. Indeed the famous writer Steinbeck once wrote "Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn't quite real when you are there and become beckoningly real after you have gone." Featured in many films, tourism is now the major industry of Positano with a beautiful and narrow maze of streets offering shops, cafes and restaurants that specialise in sea food. The church of Santa Maria Assunta is also worth a visit with it's impressive dome of majolca tiles and inside there is a 13th century icon of a black Madonna stolen from Byzantium.

The Amalfi Drive

Formerly Strada Stratale 163, the Amalfi Drive is a strech of road on the Amalfi coast from Sorrento to Amalfi that is often carved out of the cliff-faces as it meanders along. The road passes through Positano amongst other places and is famous for it's breathtaking views around almost every bend. A fantastically beautiful way to travel and see the Amalfi coast.

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